A walk across the art of Manchester

William Sterling hails from Toronto, Canada. He happens to be an ardent lover and admirer of art and heritage and he is also studying the same as his career option. It all started from his childhood. He was a dreamer child and he used to be totally engrossed in art and literature and heritage of the world. He is one such person who is totally in love with the evolution and heritage of this whole world. And because he used to be so much obsessed for art and heritage, he hardly had time for anything else. Eventually his girlfriend left him alone. It was that time when he was totally heartbroken and art was the only shelter which he could avail for himself in that given time. As a respond to his broken heart and his search of solace, he decided to visit Manchester, the reason being this city, from its which has seen all the ups and downs of the time and still stood tall, is known to be the mecca of art and heritage of the whole world. Due to initial control of the British power over the whole world, Manchester can be termed as the place from where the evolution of the modern world started. So he booked an air ticket for himself and left for Manchester.


As he landed his foot in the city of Manchester, the cool wind of the city totally gave him a wave of joy and pleasure. He was already in love with what this city had in offer for him. But due to a fairly long journey, he was too tired by that time to go to city and search for a hotel for himself. So he booked a cab and asked the cab driver to take him to a decently good hotel. And they left for the hotel and reached their soon. He settled down in the hotel and had a long sound sleep.

Stroll amidst the art

From the next day onwards, he started his journey of digging into the art and heritage of the city of Manchester with his escort guide from cheap escort agency. All he did was roaming the whole city and marking his presence in each and every art gallery of the city. He visited the art galleries starting from Salford art museum where he came across the rich British art and architecture of the modern era. He then set his foot in The Lowry where he noticed the collection of more than 300 oil paintings painted by L. Lowry. He also got fairly known to the evolution of all amazing British culture and traditions. He then made his way into the Whitworth gallery where he checked out the collection of Sarah Lucas. It was one of the most stunning works kept in British art galleries. After that he went to Richard Goodall Gallery where he found breathtaking modern art and works of fine arts, and rock posters. After that he moved to Manchester Art gallery where he again admired the art of Britain. It was already evening by then. He had food and went back to his hotel. He staryed few more days in the city and totally rocked it.

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