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Can we make a career out of being an escort?

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After finishing College, you want to find a career that will give you sustainable funds to be able to live the lifestyle that you dreamt of when you were young. Have you ever thought or imagine that you’ll be an escort? Can this job provide enough funds to live on or even give you a lavish lifestyle? Can this be made into a career?

Most people think that being an escort is an easy buck with no experience needed. Wrong! Being successful in the escort industry is not easy. You have competitions, you have to look attractive, and find a way to market yourself.  You have competitions anywhere and everywhere, there will always be someone better or more beautiful than you and if you can’t be one of the top contenders then it’ll be hard for you to get clients or customers thus you need to invest in yourself to look attractive and be on top of the competition. Escorts will have to undergo cosmetic surgeries that cost thousands of dollars just to look beautiful. Escorts will also need to spend hundreds or thousands on ads or hire people to either market them or work with an agency.

  If one is to become successful in the escort industry, it can definitely be a career since it’ll pay way more than your average work and if you like pleasing people then it’s going to be a plus! The downside is that people are not welcoming to this type of career and think of it as a disgusting way of making money but if you don’t mind the criticism then it’ll be a great way to make money that can even give you a lavish lifestyle.

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