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Blackburn is a town located in Lancashire, England, United Kingdom. It is situated in the North West of England, approximately 9 miles (14 kilometers) north of the city of Manchester. Blackburn is part of the larger borough of Blackburn with Darwen.

Historically, Blackburn was known for its textile industry during the Industrial Revolution, particularly for cotton weaving and textile manufacturing. The town played a significant role in the cotton industry and was once considered one of the wealthiest towns in the region. However, like many other industrial towns in the UK, Blackburn’s textile industry declined over the years.

Today, Blackburn is a diverse and multicultural town with a population of around 117,963 (as of 2021). The town has a rich cultural heritage and is home to several notable landmarks, including Blackburn Cathedral, Ewood Park (the home stadium of Blackburn Rovers Football Club), and the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, which passes through the town.

Blackburn offers a range of amenities and facilities, including shopping centers, markets, parks, museums, and theaters. The town has a vibrant community with various events and festivals taking place throughout the year. Additionally, Blackburn has several educational institutions, including the University Centre at Blackburn College.

Transportation in Blackburn is well-developed, with good road and rail connections. The M65 motorway runs through the town, providing links to other major cities in the region. Blackburn railway station offers regular train services to destinations such as Manchester, Preston, and Leeds.

Overall, Blackburn is a town with a blend of historical significance, cultural diversity, and modern amenities, making it a notable place in the United Kingdom.

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