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Camberley is a town located in the county of Surrey, in the southeastern part of the United Kingdom. It lies approximately 31 miles (50 kilometers) southwest of London. Camberley is situated within the borough of Surrey Heath and is bordered by the towns of Bagshot, Frimley, and Blackwater.

Historically, Camberley was a small village that experienced significant growth during the 19th century when the Royal Military College, now known as the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, was established nearby. The presence of the military academy contributed to the town’s development and the growth of its population.

Today, Camberley is a vibrant town with a mix of residential, commercial, and retail areas. The town center features a pedestrianized high street, known as The Mall, which is home to various shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues. The Atrium, a modern leisure complex, offers a cinema, bowling alley, and several restaurants.

Camberley is known for its green spaces and parks, including Camberley Park and The Meadows, which provide opportunities for outdoor activities and relaxation. The town also has several sports facilities, including a leisure center and golf courses.

Transportation in Camberley is well-connected, with the M3 motorway passing nearby, providing easy access to London and other parts of the country. The town has a train station, Camberley Railway Station, which offers direct services to London Waterloo and other destinations.

Overall, Camberley is a thriving town that offers a range of amenities and a convenient location for both residents and visitors.

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