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How Society Has Changed Since 2010

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With the world around us developing at a rapid rate, we’ve seen some huge changes since 2010 which have completely transformed our daily life. From physical changes such as technology and transport to behavioural changes such as a shift in LGBT+ rights and acceptance of mental health issues, here are just some of the main changes we have experienced:

Reliance on smartphones

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Back in 2010, most of us just used our mobile phones to send an SMS to our friends or family, take photos, have catch ups over the phone, to find directions, and maybe even to read the news. As their capabilities continued to grow, so did users’ attachment to them and now many smartphone owners spend several hours on their phones each day. Being able to do everything from ordering our groceries and calling a taxi to even controlling our vibrating eggs within just a few taps, there is no wonder that we are so reliant on our mobiles. As great as this convenience may be, studies suggest that spending too much time on smartphones can cause depression and anxiety, creating unhealthy addictions which are especially noticeable in the younger generation.

The rise in social media

Social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp were still around back in 2010 but the popularity of these grew exponentially. As well as this, new social media sites such as Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok were launched which continue to expand our screen time. As well as the clear addictive nature, some of those social networking sites have even been used to organise anti-government movements around the world, bolstering pro-democracy efforts around the world which has also proven a threat to democracy.

Climate change is real

The threat of climate change became more tangible for communities around the world as we now see mega wildfires wipe out entire towns, record-breaking heat waves making everyday occurrences halt to a stop, and warm ocean water disrupting marine ecosystems as the temperature rise. Since climate change makes many natural disasters worse, scientists have been able to link individual storms to climate change and the issue is not being addressed as seriously as it should be. countries haven’t acted quickly enough or taken significant enough steps to combat climate change. Carbon emissions now need to be reduced by 7.6 percent each year to avoid the most devastating effects, with many people even fleeing their homes to avoid the havoc.

Standing up for our rights

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Fighting taboos, many of us are now standing our ground and talking more openly about sex, power, and equality. The #MeToo movement actually first began in 2006 but it didn’t gain national and international attention until more recent years when serial harassment of women in the entertainment industry became public knowledge. This prompted women around the world to come forward with stories of being mistreated in the workplace, leading to the resignations of hundreds of powerful men. There was also a rise in the number of people reporting sex crimes to the police, having a persistent effect on women reporting sexual crimes as they fight for justice.

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