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This Is How You Make A Night Out More Exciting


It’s Friday evening, you’ve just finished work for another week, and you want to have some fun. What do you do? A night out on the town is usually a good idea, especially if you don’t have a partner to spend time with.

Whether you go out alone or with friends, this can be the perfect way to blow off some steam and get the weekend started with a bang. Of course, not every night out becomes the party to end all parties. Some are better off being forgotten in the haze of too many drinks.

So, how do you ensure that your Friday night bash doesn’t end up being a waste of time? This is what we suggest.

Play Some Games

There’s nothing like a few drinking games to add some fun to the start of your night out. Not only do they help you to change your sober status quickly, but they’re an excellent way to unwind after a long week.

What games you play is entirely up to you. You can go for one of these classics, or you can mix things up by creating your own game. As long as it’s easy to understand, your friends will probably be down to give it a try. Plus, it’ll make the night out a little different than others you’ve had because you’ll be trying something new.

Make New Friends

There’s one thing that connects most people when they go to a bar or club – they want to have fun. That desire for excitement, mixed with a few drinks, can make people lower their guard and open themselves up to someone they’ve never met before. While that can have its dangers, it’s also great for making new friends.

If you’re partying by yourself or you see someone you like the look of, why not strike up a conversation. They might not be interested, or they might make you a part of their friend group for the night. 

This creates a lot of opportunities that wouldn’t have been open to you before, and it may even lead to making a few new mates. If that happens, you then have more people to invite out on future Friday nights.

Invite A Plus One

If your friends aren’t available, or you don’t feel like hanging with them, why not bring along a plus one instead? You can’t be sure you’ll find someone to spend time with once you’re out, so it’s always good to start the night with a plus one.

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Avoid Any Expectations

The best nights out are rarely ever planned. Sure, you might have certain preparations in place, such as what time you’ll start drinking or where you’re going to go first. However, outside of that, you shouldn’t have any expectations. Otherwise, you risk trying too hard to make the night a perfect one.

Not only does this prevent you from worrying about sticking to a schedule, but it also ensures you don’t go home disappointed. If you go out expecting to pull or something like that, you’ll only end the night downcast if that doesn’t happen. It’s best just to let the night play out in whatever way it does and enjoy the ride.

Don’t Mix Your Drinks

If you go on an epic night out but wake up with few memories of what happened, did the night out really happen? The embarrassing photos would argue yes, but that’s not the point.

An amazing night out deserves to be remembered – for the most part, anyway – but the more you drink, the harder it is to keep track of everything. We’re not telling you how much you should or shouldn’t drink. However, we do advise sticking to one beverage during the night, whatever that may be.

Although mixing drinks might not necessarily increase your chances of a hangover, different types of alcohol don’t necessarily work well together. There’s a good chance they could speed up the intoxication process, thereby bringing your night to a premature end. At least if you stick to one drink, you’ll likely last longer during the night and remember most of what you got up to.

It can be hard to create a perfect night out, especially as you should always approach it without much preparation. If you consider these points, though, you shouldn’t have too much trouble making your next Friday night venture a bit more exciting.

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