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Prostitution and Covid 19

COVID 19 has changed the whole world in the current 2020. An epidemic that initially occurred only in China attacked other continents. The economic situation of many countries has deteriorated significantly. The erotic industry has also suffered. Governing countries are already introducing assistance programs for employees and companies, but it will take a long time to get back to the situation before the epidemic. Of course, there are also those who earned on all this, e.g. NETFLIX or the owners of portals such as xvideos and youporn. The lack of football hats induces men to use other forms of entertainment.

Prostitution and Covid 19

There is a huge decline in the prostitute industry in Poland. The situation is identical in many other countries where prostitution is legal and there is an epidemic of COVID 19. Girls cannot stand on the roads at this time. Civil liberties have been significantly reduced. According to the law, citizens in Poland may only leave their homes for purposes such as work, shopping or a visit to a doctor. All restrictions have effectively eliminated road prostitution. What’s more, for some time there was a total ban on entering the forest and as you know girls often standing by the road usually stood in the woods.

Even in city centers in places popular for prostitutes, no epidemic is standing along the road anymore. For example, the place of prostitutes in Cracow around the bazaar called “Stary Kleparz” no longer stands there. According to users of the portal, there are no girls there for several weeks and so far there has always been a girl there even at minus 30 degrees Celsius. The portal is a popular portal in Poland where clients of prostitutes exchange information where prostitutes are currently standing by the road. Often you can also find opinions about girls and the girls themselves give there information where they can currently be found.

The largest Polish portals with erotic advertisements such as,, or less popular as xlove or – there is a significant decrease in visitors on all of them. This is best seen on the roksa portal where usually the number of ads from around the country was between 10,000 and 12,000. In fact, there are so many prostitutes in Poland, but remember the data apply to the whole country. For example, in the capital itself, where about 1.5 million people live, there were usually about 1,000 ads. Not only the number of advertised girls but also the number of users has dropped significantly. Usually there were as many as 8000 online users on the roksa portal. Currently there are about 4000 to 5000 users online.

To fully illustrate the situation, you can also use Google Trends data. Usually roksa brand with erotic advertisements in Poland was just as often sought after as popular brands of cars AUDI or BMW. That’s about 200,000 searches each day. Since the reign of COVID19, the number of inquiries for the roksa brand has fallen by around 30-40%. Additionally, you can compare this with other popular phrases related to the prostitute industry. The result for popular phrases like “erotic ads”, “personal ads”, “sex offers” also significantly dropped in google search engine statistics. Many of the girls, wanting not to lose income, started to have sex phones. As you know, this way of earning is much less and not as profitable as with sexual services. Girls who do not have phone sex have increased the price for additional things like Blowjob without condom.

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