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Fall in Love with Art and Culture of Liverpool

Liverpool is a major metropolitan den in North West England. It is situated on eastern side of Mersey Estuary and has a great value in the history of England, which is very evident from significant varieties of architectural styles found within the city. This has led Liverpool to be described as English Heritage. Situated on the side of Mersey Estuary, Liverpool is boasted with numerous beautiful and elegant water fronts. Liverpool also has a great importance in the field of sports. Who can afford not to mention Liverpool FC with Liverpool? Liverpool is also bestowed with high class restaurants and night life. But the best and most significant share of Liverpool tourism goes to its unmatched standards of traditional and modern art and culture. However make sure that you visit Liverpool with a companion. In case you don’t have a companion with you, look up to Liverpool escorts. Here, few important aspects of Liverpool’s art and culture are discussed.

  • Do you have any idea that Liverpool has more number of museums and galleries than any other city in UK apart from London? Most of these have the facility of free entrance. The city is also bestowed with fifteen halls and theatres which range from the Liverpool Echo Arena to the Art Deco style Philharmonic Hall which is den to the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra.
  • The Liverpool city has the second largest theatre in the country; The Liverpool Empire Theatre which exhibits the finest of local, national and international talent, generally hosting shows straight away from London’s West End. Royal Court Theatre of Liverpool always gives a guaranty of a great entertaining night, presenting excellent comedies and musicals throughout the calendar, with mostly local casts and crews.
  • The Everyman and Playhouse theatres provide an encyclopedic blend of forward-thinking theatre in superb settings.The Everyman was awarded the RIBA Stirling Prize in 2014 for the best new building for the year.
  • At a little distance from Liverpool’s Lime Street Station, situated is the iconic William Brown Street, where you can find a delightful congregates of culture including the national gallery of the North (Walker Art Gallery),Liverpool Central Library, World Museumand St John’s Gardens.
  • Down towards the waterside at Albert Dock there is Tate Liverpool, the den of contemporaneous art in the North, hosting important international exhibitions all round the year.
  • There’s also the Liverpool Biennial, the international festival devoted to contemporary art from different countries all around the world. This festival takes place every two years and wreaks a number of pivotal pieces of public artwork to the city both outside and during the festival.
  • Just a ferry ride away in Wirral is the graceful village of Port Sunlight, shelter for the Lever Brothers and Sunlight Soap. The Lady Lever Art Gallery harbors Lord Leverhulme’s exclusive collection, featuring a broad range of decorative and fine arts.

Liverpool gives you everything. It even fulfills your need of a stunning companion through its offering of amazing Liverpool escorts 4U. So come to Liverpool and fall in love with its art and culture.

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