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It’s no secret that everyone has their own sexual fantasies. For some these can be vanilla, whilst others have kinkier needs. In rare cases individuals have a partner who’s happy to bring their fantasies to life, however, the vast majority of people never get the chance. Which is exactly where escorts come in.

Find the best escorts in the uk with

With escorts spread throughout the UK, many listed on Ennvy Escorts, you’re never too far from a companion just as kinky as you. It doesn’t matter if you’re bored, lonely or looking to spice up a long term relationship; escorts are the best way to make your fantasies a reality. So, with all the opportunity booking an escort offers, we thought we’d provide a bit of info on some naughty services you should definitely try!


For men, the most common fantasy is enjoying the company of two females. In fact, while studies show men prefer all-female company in threesomes, it showed females generally have less of a preference toward gender. For this reason, duo escorts are always the way to go when seeking a threesome. Duo experiences, when offered, are usually provided by female escorts with a specific partner with whom they work with to combine their abilities to help you achieve maximum pleasure.

Escorts For Couples

Of course, there is another way to enjoy a threesome, but requires the open-mindedness of your partner. For those of you in relationships you’re both interested in spicing up, we recommend a couples escort. These companions are the ultimate third party in any bedroom who knows exactly how to reignite the fire between you and your other half, whilst ensuring you’re both comfortable and able to enjoy whatever level of intimacy you want.

Same-Sex Experiences

Despite not having the confidence to admit it, there are many who are sexually curious about other members of the same gender. There have even been a variety of studies that show a large percentage of both heterosexual men and women who’ve fantasised about someone of the same gender. If you consider yourself one of these curious individuals then you’ll be happy to know it’s something that can easily by tried with maximum discretion in the company of a bi-sexual escort!


Fetishes are a huge part of the pleasure that many often miss out on. Spanking, more loosely known as impact play, is an easy and safe entry point into the world of BDSM and is a popular form of bedroom play among many. But, what are some of the more intense fetishes out there? Bondage is a great way to up the ante and has quickly become a popular choice among many punters seeking a form of dominance or submission. Foot fetishes are another common service provided by mistresses across the UK to those who enjoy feet worship through everything from massage, kissing and even smelling.


What about a bit of relaxation? Tantric massages are the ultimate way for many to relieve stress with the added erotic benefits. At the hands of the right masseuse, individuals can expect to reach incredible levels of pleasure, with lasting effects such as improved blood flow, stress relief, more sexual drive and much more!

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