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Independent escort Vs Agency escort: who is better?

If you are a seasoned client, you will be able to find the perfect escort for yourself. However, if you are a novice, it can be daunting and overwhelming to find an escort. You will not be familiar with the meaning of an independent and agency escort and it would make the entire process of booking an escort confusing.

Understanding Independent vs Agency Escort

Understanding Independent vs Agency Escort

An independent escort is an escort who works independently, without being associated with a company. The escort handles her own marketing and promotional activities, fields and screens clients and then accepts a booking. Most independent escorts spend a lot of time and money marketing themselves and finding the right clients. Of course, the internet has made it much easier, with escorts advertising online.

If you go for an independent escort, you would have to search through classifieds and read tons of online reviews before you can find an escort, who fits into your requirement. You will not know if the escort is healthy and trustworthy. You would have to rely on your instincts and gut feeling.

On the other hand, if you opt for an agency escort, you have nothing to worry about. The agency will vet the escort, so you know that she is reliable and discreet. Reputable agencies, such as Platinum X Cheap Escorts London, also train escorts so that they know how to carry themselves in a professional manner when they are with clients. Agency escorts have regular health checkups and are used to being in the company of wealthy and affluent men. Hence, they know how to carry themselves in different settings and situations.

Agencies also cater to different areas, so you will be able to find an escort in your location with relative ease. Being with an agency escort offers peace of mind and it is very convenient. Agencies are discreet and maintain the utmost confidentiality. So, there is no risk of a third-party finding out anything. Even the escorts are trained to be discreet and maintain client confidentiality.

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The Cost Factor

Independent escorts are cheaper to hire than agency escorts, as most agency escorts have to pay 30% of the payment to the agency. This is not the case with an independent escort, who keeps all the money for herself.

However, reliable agencies like Platinum X escort, provide cheap escorts who ensure you have an unbelievable escort experience with them. So, the cost should not be the sole criterion to choose an escort.

Agencies hold escorts and themselves accountable, but independent escorts do not. If you pay the independent escort in advance, she may not turn up for the appointment. This will not happen with an agency escort.

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The Bottom Line

There are fine and gorgeous independent escorts who have earned a name for themselves with hard work and dedication. So, you can find independent escorts who can offer you a superior escort experience. However, opting for an agency escort offers convenience, reliability, and credibility – these are factors that you cannot compromise when you want to hire an escort.  Most punters will recommend hiring an agency escort as you will get your money’s worth with such an escort.

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