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Kendells Bistro – Best Restaurant in Leeds to Enjoy Your Evening

Leeds is a beautiful city with so many things to explore and experience. There is an array of options available in this city if you are looking for fun and good food. There are some great gourmet restaurants and cuisines available which are unique and world renowned. Leeds is a place to explore and have fun day and night. Let us see one of the topmost most romantic restaurants in this city:

Kendells Bistro

Kendell’s Bistro is one of the best restaurants in Leeds and has many great reviews about the same. It is located opposite to the Leeds college of Music which is next to the west Yorkshire Playhouse, BBC Leeds and new northern Ballet Dance Theatre which are located in the city centre.

By this detail, it is quite understandable that the restaurant is located in the centre of the city with many major venues located just beside which makes the restaurant even more a hotspot in the city. Because the place is located near the Theatre and college, the crowd is good and always flowing. And as it’s a romantic restaurant, the couples love to go to these restaurants with their dates.


 The atmosphere in the restaurant is quite informal and relaxed which makes the customers be at ease and enjoy the food. It is a classic French bistro which is known for its award winning cuisine and chefs. The ambiance is great and with great service. This restaurant has an open plan kitchen which adds to its advantages and has no pushy staffs. The menus keep changing according to the requirement and the season and Kendells actually gets the customer the feel of France to the city’s burgeoning cultural quarter.

The services quality is quite refined but you will always find the changes very unpretentious. To add the benefits, there is no service charge in this restaurant and you will always get freshly baked bread when you visit which is completely on the house.

People love the deserts here which is unique and chefs special. The customers generally go to the restaurant before a Theatre show which is quite convenient. This place is a combination of contemporary and modern restaurant. The place has art works done on the walls which are great work with sexy sultry looks of Maitre de. It is a rustic restaurant and gives a feel of sleepy village where no one is around. It gives quite a classic but quality food with good wine and a great service.

Leeds is a city top enjoys the place and has some great time with your loved one. It would be very hard if you are lonely here and no one with you to share the moments and enjoy the city. To help the visitors and locals on the same, Playmate Leeds are there in Leeds who provides the best service in providing companions. They are excellent in their service and have VIP escorts in Leeds to offer for both indoor and outdoor services in the town.

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