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Sexting, the safest way of having sex during the pandemic

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People are social beings who need to be in contact with others, to a greater or lesser extent. That is why the whole situation of COVID-19 is proving so difficult for some. Especially due to the social alienation and the forced quarantine, being locked up at home in some countries. 

Avoiding physical contact is sometimes complex. Especially when it comes to people who are very close. Feelings and emotions are difficult to retain and control. That is why many resort to video calls, social networks, chats and the online world. A clear example is the increase in calls the London escorts advertising in Skokka are receiving, as desire and pleasure do not rest in quarantine. 

If you are not physically satisfied, your mind and body look for other ways to give free rein to your passion. That’s why the number of sex toys and the accessibility of adult content online has also increased.

It has been shown that the virus can be spread through kissing, through the nose, mouth and eyes. In matters of sex fluids it has not been 100% proven, although it is not recommended. The most important thing now is to take care of and protect yourself and others.

Because of this situation, some studies are already showing that confinement is opening minds to new issues of sexuality. For obvious reasons, new practices such as sexting are increasing in popularity. 

This refers to the more or less explicit interaction with messages, images and videos of a sexual nature between several people. Such as the well-known dick pics that many men send through WhatsApp or on private social networks.

But this practice can give a lot of pleasure if it is done properly. Little by little, by mutual agreement, tell your own fantasies, everything you would do if you were facing each other… Anything that might be erotic or exciting for the parties involved in the online conversation. 

The main objective is for everyone to enjoy themselves. For the more or less shy, embarrassed or afraid to publish such content. It can be as subtle as written text, to audio, images or even video. It seems that in the past it was only practiced by the experienced escorts and sex workers but now it has become more popular. It is also being experienced by more couples and friends with benefits separated by distance.

An experience that can be very complete. A different test of pleasure that allows you to interact with another person or persons without the risk of transmitting COVID-19, sexually transmitted diseases or unwanted pregnancies. 

Enjoy all the benefits of sex and live sexuality to the fullest. Discover new pleasures, feel desired and escape from anxiety and uncertainty. 

As Octavio Paz said, imagination has a fundamental role in every erotic act. Giving free rein to passion, venting, breathing deeply. Intimate and personalised content with the same objective, the pleasure and excitement of the recipient of the message.

London escorts advertising in Skokka

Sexting helps to revive and maintain the flame of passion these days. A great help, especially for couples who currently cannot see themselves or stay together during this situation. An environment of trust and union between all parties. Where you can feel safe and discover your own sexuality. To free oneself from the bad feelings that the pandemic is generating, a small relief from what is missing.

A light way of feeling loved and accompanied during these moments. A pleasant support for the hours to pass more quickly. A unique and changing experience every time you practice it. 

A way of pleasure where the limits are set by imagination and creativity. A place where one can find oneself, free itself and enjoy. As well as have fun and be surprised by the reaction of the other person. A good way to discover your deepest desires, new ways to get excited, fetishes and even fantasies. The best thing is that you can start in the most innocent and natural way as with a “Hello, how are you?”

A good alternative in these times of pandemic. A substitute for physical sex? It’s not exactly the same but for the moment and especially for escorts in the UK, couples separated by distance and those who have always enjoyed casual sex or masturbation for the time being it is a relief. You just have to find the right person to experience sexting with. A way to stay together, connected and close despite all the news and uncertainty of the present and near future. 

Something that starts with curiosity, to see how you feel and that certainly generates addiction when seeing the pleasure it causes. You just have to let yourself go and choose what type of sexting and what content you feel most comfortable with. The objective is clear, to enjoy without obligations or pressure, if not free.

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