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The top three countries with the best escorts

The top three countries with the best escorts

Like traditional tourists, sex travellers choose the right tour based on the range of entertainment available and the perceived cost. For instance, there are countries with legal sex industry, where the cost of an hour with a prostitute starts at the 50-60 euro mark. And there are countries which, though not recognising prostitutes, look through their activities – girls there charge clients many times cheaper. The experts of Mexican portal Pander – Escorts CDMX have studied available travel offers and identified three countries where it is safe and cheap to enjoy the prostitutes’ skills.

Third place – Czech prostitution

Not many people know that Czech prostitutes work legally and have the same rights and freedoms as members of conventional professions. This allows the girls to serve tourists safely and openly while the guys may get to know the advantages of paid sex without having to look at law enforcement authorities.

The country has so competently introduced prostitution into the legal framework that girls from other countries come here to work. This means that a sex tourist in Czech Republic can make nice acquaintances with Ukrainian, Polish, Serbian women and women from many other cultures. And for the lovers of unconventional sex trends the Czech Republic has come up with erotic museums and regular exhibitions of sex gadgets where you can meet the best representatives of the local erotic scene.

Second place – Argentine sex services

Unlike the Czech Republic, Argentina is only considering legalizing sex work in the near future, so paid sex is illegal here. The penalties are only set for prostitutes and they are so miserable that they do not influence the spread and popularity of Argentinean prostitutes even outside the country.

Statistics show that every year millions of young men from near and far abroad come to Argentina just to meet local prostitutes. And due to convenient internet dating and dozens of big online resources you can make an agreement with the girls you like in advance; you can order an escorts in Argentina on Pander’s website without getting up from your couch. In addition, sexual services on the Internet are cheaper, and the selection on the sites is more extensive and varied.

Thailand’s prostitutes at the top of the list

When you mention sex tourism, you think of the compliant and affectionate Thai women, so it’s no wonder that Thailand has established itself as the country with the most developed sex trade. All genders, ages and orientations offer sex for money, and the range of available entertainment and erotic performances will surprise even the experienced traveller.

Also Thailand is recognised as a friendly holiday destination for representatives of non-traditional orientations, and one of the country’s main attractions are ladyboys – young men who have undergone partial or complete surgical transformation on their way to becoming a woman. This is the so-called Thai “third sex” that sex tourists from all over the world know about. Hordes of holiday-makers visit the country just to meet the ladyboys, bringing millions of dollars into the state budget. And even the law enforcement authorities are doing their best to help the Thai prostitutes, although sex services in Thailand are officially considered to be illegal.

Irrespective of the choice of future place for your leisure time, always remember about your own safety – do not pay prostitutes in advance, do not agree to meetings in dubious places and do not neglect the personal protective equipment. In this way, your holiday will be bright, pleasant and safe!

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